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Care Homes for Adults - Quality Assurance Programme

KLORA states that in a Service judged as Excellent "There will be a validated and agreed quality assurance system".

As the newly established Care Quality Commission Inspection regimes embrace the principles within AQAA and KLORA there will be a pressing need for care providers to establish benchmarks, assess performance and identify the strengths/weaknesses of their operations.

These assessments will lead, ultimately, to short/medium and long term plans for improvement, enabling the provider to attain higher levels of performance and status.

Our Programme is most comprehensive and designed around the operations of a Care Home. It also has some unique features, which will help you take full advantage of the Programme:

  • It is written in Microsoft Word, the most popular word-processing package on PC's;
  • Once loaded on to your computer, and copied to your computer's hard drive, each and every document in the package is immediately capable of being personalised to suit your own needs;
  • This versatility means that you are never stuck with a programme that is rigid, outdated and unhelpful to your operation; as
  • You can update/change/modify our programme to suit your changing needs and circumstances.
  • Your purchase includes:
    • A formal model Policy/Procedure document on Quality Assurance for your Policy Manual. Click here for a preview.
    • An overview of the Quality Assurance Programme which offers useful information which you can supply to clients, staff etc. as to the aims and objectives of the Programme. Click here for a preview.
    • A "Bank" of performance statements which may be utilised in questionnaires. At the very heart of our Programme is the process of "gathering information" from those who are involved in or reliant upon the services provided by the Home. Our Bank of statements helps you design questionnaires which address your needs accurately and positively. Click here for a preview.
    • 13 Model Questionnaires for you to use/adapt as you determine, according to your needs. The 13 models address "Living in the Home", "Care in the Home", and "The Home" targeted at either the client, or the client's family. In addition, each questionnaire has either a simple or an advanced version. Completing the set of questionnaires is a model for use by staff, enabling them to offer their views on how the Home is performing. Click here for a preview.
    • Model Analysis Sheets. Allows you to record the responses in a simple and efficient manner. Click here for a preview.
    • Results Summary Sheets. For each questionnaire we have designed a simple and effective way for you to record the results of your surveys. Click here for a preview.
    • A "worked example". We did not think that a programme as comprehensive as this would be complete without offering you a worked example of how the Programme works. Click here for a preview.
    • Action Plans. All surveys should identify strengths and weaknesses. Our model "Action Plan" allows you to complete the process by planning and reviewing progress on your operational improvements. Click here for a preview.
    The Policy/Procedure for our Programme states:

    "The home aims to be the provider of choice within its catchment area and believes that it will accomplish this aim by ensuring that it meets the expectations of its residents, families of residents, staff, and all other associated stakeholders.

    The home will monitor satisfaction levels in all key areas of its operations, and will review, evaluate, and implement improvements, where necessary, on a continuous basis. This process will be known, throughout the home, as the Quality of Service Programme (QSP)".

    We believe that our simple, versatile, adaptable and effective Programme offers an inexpensive solution to an important process.

    Price : £145.00
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